Business Partners Welcome NGL Move

Business Partners Welcome NGL Move

With the start date moved to October 2017, the National Gridiron League has received welcome feedback from business partners, suppliers and coaching staff who are excited to continue their efforts, alongside the management team over the next 12 months. Business partners and suppliers are committed and excited at the prospect of continuing their support and efforts in the lead up to the league commencing next year.

A spokesperson of CBus Super Stadium in the Gold Coast recently shared CBus’ excitement about the new dates and ongoing partnership.

“We are delighted to continue to work with the NGL regarding dates for 2017 and the new schedule. At the moment, we have secured some new dates for games to take place at the stadium and we are looking forward to the upcoming season.” A CBus stadium spokesperson said.

Over the course of the next few months, the league will continue to increase efforts and move forward with all partnerships in the lead up to the season. Coaches have also been showing their continued support for the recent changes and are looking forward to new season with their teams.

“As a coach of the Brisbane Outlaws, I am still 100% dedicated to the NGL. It will be the place to coach and play! I am here to support players and coaches and I am looking forward to the opportunity to be a part of the league next year!” Offensive Lineman Coach, Chuck Miller said.

“I fully understand the huge monumental task at hand, when starting up a football operation from scratch. There are so many unforeseen factors involved that sometimes players don’t take into account with football business start-ups. These things take time.” He added.

Michael Torres, Head Coach of the Brisbane Outlaws is also viewing this scheduling change as a positive one.

“I understand the NGL’s reasons for pushing back its inaugural season to 2017 and look for it to be bigger and Better. I know current players and coaches are disappointed but they need to understand the logistics are beyond the league’s control. Next year will be here before you know it and all this will be forgotten.” Torres said.

“I have been 100% behind the NGL and it’s vision since I came onboard with nothing but positive feedback from everyone involved. The recruiting process of the coaches and players were a big challenge but at the same time very enjoyable. I learned a lot through this process from beginning to the very end in filling the 41-man roster.” Torres added.

Players are also excited about the prospect of 2017 and how these changes will affect them.

“Outside of the NFL, the NGL is the only league that offers the same format as the NFL. While the CFL is a popular choice for players, I have no doubt that the NGL is going to be successful. I understand players are disappointed right now, but we can all use this opportunity to get bigger, faster and stronger. My advice to players is to stay positive and keep grinding as we all prepare for the 2017 season.” Central Cyclones player, Justin Gomez said.

With support and positive feedback from all areas in the league, the NGL is excited at the 2017 prospects and will continue to build the league in preparation for the season.