Bigger and Better NGL

Bigger and Better NGL

Nothing worth doing comes easy.

Establishing a professional football league is a large and complex project that involves many deliverables and precision timing. Projects of this scale involve many stakeholders, including corporate partners, suppliers, and government departments.

Some of these project deliverables are out of our control and have fallen behind schedule. With the inability for the NGL to move the season back due to the availability of venues, we regret to announce the NGL will move its season to start in October 2017. Due to the size and the nature of The NGL, the league is unable to move the season by a number of weeks and hence the only scope is to move to 2017.

“I understand we have a lot of critics, however, unfortunately for them, at the NGL, it is business as usual with an opportunity to take the product to the next level.” Managing Director, Marcin Soluch said.

“The league will continue operations as normal with the only variation being the 2017 season start. We see this as a great opportunity to improve and produce a far superior product.” He added.

Director of Sales, Chris Darlinson, is also positive about this decision and is excited about the additional time frames to work with our new investors and business partners.

“At present, there are a lot of sales and investment opportunities that the NGL is excited about. Through these opportunities, the league will be strengthened and will be able to produce an outstanding product, come 2017.” Darlinson said.

The NGL does have the opportunity to take the competition to the United States as a spring competition. However, the league’s management team strongly believes the competition should to be produced in Australia and remain an Australian product.

In addition, the league has an option to play a scaled down competition by playing a single game in each venue in an exhibition format. This option is presently being explored however it is not the proffered option.

This month, the coaching staff will continue to arrive in Australia, in addition to some players, who will be focusing on community engagement projects and the development of American football within Australia.

This will provide the NGL with a further opportunity to continue building a foundation for American Football within Australia.

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